Sometimes it’d be nice if life had an undo command like computers. Alas, it does not. While not official yet, it sounds like my car is dead. At least that’s what the police officer on the scene and the tow truck driver both said — and I’d trust they’ve seen enough accidents to know.

Driving home from an appointment Thursday afternoon, I was rear ended on Rt. 41 at Half Day Rd. in Highland Park, IL. Heading southbound, I came to a stop at a red light. The Infiniti QX4 behind me did not. The driver claimed he looked down for a second and didn’t see the light change. A witness yelled to me as he drove by that the guy was on his cell phone.

I’m for the most part OK. My neck, shoulders and back are a little sore but I think Tylenol, heat and time will be enough. My car isn’t as well off. My 2002 Jetta, only months from being paid off, is in pretty sorry shape. Here are some more pics of the damage. I’m waiting to hear back from my insurance company about whether they can fix my car, or whether I need to get a new one.