Here’s uh… my number

Not interested in somebody you meet, but hate telling them no to their face? As first seen in this article (via Obscure Store), the Rejection Hotline is a fake number you can give out that will break the news to the unsuccessful suitor. Numbers available in 14 cities and even internationally! Guess I’ll have to remember the number for Chicago, so I don’t end up a victim!

As a cool aside, the founder, Jeff Goldblatt, is a fellow 1999 Emory University grad.

Getting Closer to my Wish

Well this isn’t yet Real World in a double-wide, but on the heels of a Beverly Hillbillies reality show, Fox is planning a Green Acres reality show! They’re going to take weathy people (possibly celebs) and transplant them to the rural south, without their cash, cars or jobs.

Now I am curious who would volunteer for such a show? They’ve already got money, and you’d hope that along with that come some dignity. I just can’t imagine some Manhattan socialite wanting to work the night shift at some Alabama Wal-Mart just to get on TV. And Anna Nicole’s already got her show…

Enough Already!

As if we aren’t already sick of stupid reality shows, now Beverly Hillbillies will become a reality show. CBS plans to take a rural, lower-middle class family and transplant them to Beverly Hills, granny and all. Is this really any different from the Anna Nicole Show?

The only reality show I’d want to see that’s never been done would be for MTV to have the next Real World take place in a double-wide trailer in rural Mississippi. Maybe with a foster child thrown in, for good measure.