Phantom Price Drops?

Apple rolled out their latest revamp of the iPod line today: a 6GB mini, 30GB and 60GB iPod Photos, and price drops on most products.

However, the new iPods come with fewer accessories than before. Items that were standard like the firewire cable, case and dock are now extra.

I’m not one who likes to pile on the accessories after plunking down cash on a big ticket purchase, so I liked that when I bought my iPod it came with everything. Sure, the case wasn’t ideal since I have to pull the iPod out to use the buttons/clickwheel, but it also meant not having to spend an extra $20-50 on a case. And the firewire cable & dock are now an additional $58. The three accessories I got with my iPod would now run $87, which means the actual price drop isn’t as dramatic as it first seems. I bought a 15GB iPod almost 2 years ago for $399, and now a 20GB with accessories would run $387.

I guess some people want to add a case according to their specific use and taste, but it seems that the dock and firewire are pretty key items to inlcude. It’s kind of like dropping the price on a car, but no longer including wheels.

I guess we’ll see. Apple seems to have an uncanny ability to understand their market, and their stock price shows that. I’ve benefitted from that personally, and just hope they continue to prosper with their growing iPod line.

Whatever it Takes

I have another home for the year and a half. I have signed on as one of the Democratic editors for WatchBlog, a blog covering the 2004 presidential election created by Cam Barrett of Camworld fame. I’ll be there doing my part to promote the Democratic candidates and discuss the issues of importance in the upcoming election. With any luck, I can help do my part to get a Democrat back into the White House. I mean, the guy there now can’t even ride a Segway without falling!