Little i

While the dot com era seemed to herald the rise of lowercase letters beginning names (ebay, iPod, uBid, etc.) the word Internet was an annomoly. But that’s now changed. According to Wired, we no longer need to capitalize the ‘i’ in ‘internet’. Or the ‘n’ in net. Or the ‘w’ in ‘web.’

[I]n the case of internet, web and net, a change in our house style was necessary to put into perspective what the internet is: another medium for delivering and receiving information. That it transformed human communication is beyond dispute. But no more so than moveable type did in its day. Or the radio. Or television.

Throughout the years, I’ve been one of those rare people who actually knew the proper capitalization and and tried as much as possible to abide by it. I remeber a former colleague sending out an email with the official style guide for all those new “new economy” terms. Off all the hundreds of email sna memos, that’s one that stuck. And now I’ll probably forget all the time about the lower-case i’s. Maybe Jeneane needs to send out another memo…

When Worlds Converge

This morning, I was reading the Chicago Trib online when an article title jumps out at me: Blogs flex muscle in `viral marketing’. I’m always interested in how the real media covers “new” things like blogs? Because they’re usually either years behind the curve or base entirely.

Interestingly, however, my old boss from my Atlanta days at eKetchum days was one of the quoted “experts” in the article. Now I’m wondering if he even blogs. Guess I’ll have to go hunt…

UPDATE: He does, at

At the end of the article, it lists some Chicago blogs, including Chicagoist!

So my old boss and my new blog in the same article…

MonkeySpan Lives

As I mentioned in my previous entry, Anthony, Curtiss, Kenny, Ray and I finally got around to taking our email threads onto the web to keep our inboxes cleaner and to possibly draw a bit of an audience for our ramblings. The new site is now up and running. So without further delay, check out MonkeySpan!

New Blog Coming Soon!

Well since Anthony mentioned it today on his site, I thought I might as well give a little preview as well. The beta version of our group blog that was running here on my webspace got hosed yesterday by a corrupted database. We decided it was time to give the thing a proper name and a home of her own. We’ve registered the name, set up the web host, and we’re just waiting for the name to propogate before holding our grand opening.

Check back here for the link to our new blog.

But We Still Need a Name for It

Ever since I left Ketchum and moved from Atlanta to Chicago, I have remained in close contact by email with my fellow web designers and our buddies in IT. After flooding our email inboxes with our banter, we finally decided it was about time to move these discussion to a blog, both to cut down on the flood of email and to share our ideas with a larger audience–should anyone find what we say of interest. Anyway, while still in the beta phases, here’s our new blog.