The Two Kaufmann Houses

The other day, we saw that the Richard Neutra designed Kaufmann Desert House in Palm Springs, CA sold at auction for $15 million. Considered to be one of the best designs by the architect who best personifies midcentury design, it’s clearly among the most significant examples of residential architecture in the county.

It was only in reading of this sale, however, that we connected the client who commissioned this design — Edgar Kaufmann, with another of his vacation homes.

Kaufmann is also the man who commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.

So one man’s vision and selection of architects with whom to work resulted in two of the five best homes in the county? Wow!

Like Kaufmann, my grandparents owned a department store. And they have impeccable taste. Their condo’s mix of midcentury modern and ethnic is nothing like what one would expect of “Grandma’s House.” But Kauffman takes defining good taste to a whole different realm.